Integral process management with in-house resources

Work analysis

We collaborate and accompany our customers from the initial phase, with advice provided by our technical office, to welding qualification processes for those parts that require this.

We develop ideas, provide technical advice, accompany the mechanical design and optimise manufacturing processes with the aid of CAD/CAM software.

Our commitment to service, skill and experience allows us to get to where the customer needs us, from design improvement to integral turnkey project management and assembly coordination.

Fabrication process

Our range of latest-generation machinery with numerical controls integrated in the technical office enables us to offer a product with the maximum requirements of precision and competitiveness with great flexibility in volume and timescales.


We have a team of qualified professionals under the ISO 9606-1 and ISO 9606-2 standards, under the supervision of an International Welding Engineer (IWE), capable of taking on any type of welding: with manual or robotic machinery, in MIG-MAG processes, pulsed arc, double pulsed arc, TIG, high-frequency TIG and resistance welding.

Quality control

The management of the quality of the products, understood as a process of continuous improvement.

The Quality Department has the necessary resources to guarantee the most demanding quality needs while managing and assessing incidents throughout the company to promote continuous improvements in all areas.

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