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Planxisteria Ind. M.VIDAL, SL is now VIDALTECH

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Currently run by the third generation of the Vidal family, Planxisteria Industrial M.Vidal, S.L. gives new impetus to a company with over 50 years’ experience in the metal sector, with a clear commitment to industry 4.0 and the internationalisation of its activities.

The company’s new name of VidalTech is in response to this new stage, giving continuity to the name with which the company has traditionally been identified, and to the desire for evolution and service that are as necessary as they are essential for our industrial system.

The new symbol, inspired by the periodic table of elements, is linked to the pure metals and materials with which a company works that has traditionally been outstanding for providing service to a broad spectrum of sectors, with high requirements of solidity, service and quality.

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