Quality policy

Planxisteria Industrial M. Vidal SL has worked in precision industrial boiler making and panel beating and qualified welding since 1963. It sets out its strategic orientation in line with the organisational context, the analysis of risks and opportunities and the observation of the expectations of the various parties involved.

Quality is evident in all our actions and is, in itself, an inherent part of the end product. Everyone who is a part of Planxisteria Industrial M. Vidal works seriously to offer quality products and services, as we are fully aware of the importance of achieving this aim.

The belief that quality is fundamental in our company leads us constantly to seek improvements in all our processes to ensure the excellence of our products, which extends from understanding our customers’ needs to quality of service.

Our commitment to quality is focused on:

  • –  Ensuring compliance with all the regulations that apply to our trading activity.
  • –  Ensuring that we obtain a product that meets the needs of our customer and all the parties involved, fulfilling their requirements.
  • –  Ensuring the excellence of our products through compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the quality objectives.
  • –  Raising awareness and training the company personnel to be competent in their task and to achieve the objectives put to them.
  • –  Seeking the optimisation of our production processes without forgoing maintaining quality.

The Management

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